I am a vessel of life, been created to be filled with kindness. To not shy away from the smallest gestures of generosity towards other vessels like myself.

I see myself walking in a garden full of flowers, I gently touch their petals to show them my love and watch them smile with me, they bloom with me. It makes my heart filled with love.

I rise everyday as a hope in many lives, seen as blush on children’ rosey cheeks, as dazzle in a girl’s smile when she makes way to aisle for taking her vows, as the sparkle in a mother’s eyes when she looks at her young one grow, as a flicker in a boy’s heart when he watches his lady love and mother together on his wedding day and as a twinkle on the grandfather’s wrinkles as he hugs his grandchild after a long time.

I smile with their happiness, I cry with their sadness, they are a part of my wholesome long life. In winters, I come as a kiss on the noses and cheeks of the young ones who have the streets as their homes, the soldiers protecting their motherlands on the highest peaks of mountains. I hold the hand of those, who have cold dry hands and make them soft. The people who have a little but have learned to adapt to their situations. I come as a hug for a man who has just gained freedom from a life he didn’t make himself ready for.

I am Sunshine, I come to pour my soul into yours. But not just as a bright form of light, no. I come as a soulmate, who accepts you for who you are, I come as a friend who decides to tag along with you to the end of the world in all your adventures. I come as a friend who takes your hand and helps you walk across the tunnel of darkness. It’s not very tough to have me but very tough to know me.


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