Dear Thor,

I know you are in pain right now and trust me it hurts me that I am not there to help you, to stand by your side and hold your hand to tell you that you are not alone.

I know you think that you have lost everything and you think it’s all your fault; many people are going to make you feel that way but don’t let them get to your head. Whatever happened was meant to happen, it was out of our control and I know you would never have let that happen if it was up to you. 

I know it was just hours after you saved your world, you saw it getting disintegrated again and I know, that this time it all seems almost irreversible.  I know that Heimdall, Loki, Odin and Frigga all died saving you and your world and you now feel utterly useless and incapable. 

You took great risks keeping in mind that you had nothing to loose but how could you forget me? We played together, fought together and celebrated together. I was there when you knew you needed someone and also when you didn’t even know that you did. 

I saw your growth, I saw you become a mature human and I saw you become worthy. From the time when you were an arrogant prince to the time you became a very capable and kind leader I saw you observed you, endured with you. 

I saw you falling for a mortal and getting your heart broken.  You shut yourself from the world for her but she couldn’t wait for you and moved on. I know you tried your best but couldn’t do it, I know your heart still beats for her and I can’t help myself but be very sympathetic towards that unlucky person who had you but couldn’t be courageous enough to keep you.

I couldn’t say it before but I love you and want to be by your side till the last breath we take. You helped me show everyone that I wasn’t just another woman, I wasn’t weak and I didn’t need anyone to lean and depend on.

When I was sick of people judging me, you were there, when people laughed at me when I wanted to be a warrior, you were there, when I took it upon myself to show the nine realms that women were equal to men, you were there and you were the only one who believed in me,  patted my shoulder and helped me become independent. 

You made me fall for you when you showed kindness towards every form of life, when you became worthy, when you tried giving up your life for others on various occasions, when you forgave everybody who may have wronged you. When you accepted your mistakes and did your best to become a better person. When you showed never ending optimism and encouragement on the moments you were breaking down on the inside.

But unfortunately, you never saw me. You never saw me the way I saw you or the way you her. When I cheered you on your first crowning or when I supported you on your unusual wishes, When I almost killed Loki for keeping you in a web of lies, when I gave up everything to find you and bring you back home. When I tried to lift your spirits up, when I first tried to tell you how I felt. You made me feel invisible or at least I knew I wanted to be back then. But I didn’t say anything back then.

I don’t know where I am or what am I doing but my consciousness knows that you need someone. If you ever find me again, dead or alive; know that I always loved you. 

Be kind, be strong and be positivite. It’ll be all over soon and you will come up victorious like you always do. You’re Thor son of Odin the best leader, friend and campanion one could ask for. Just Hang in there.

Yours truly,

Lady Sif.


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  1. srijan says:

    Interesting! And i hope you’re well.

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