A Marriage

With blessings from Gods

We cordially invite you to our marriage ceremony.

She looked at her wedding card once again. Everything was packed and ready to go, everyone had been waiting for this dream wedding since last five years. She was going to unite with the love of her life soon.

He was directing everyone about, giving them tasks, checking everything, making the nervous and panicked ones laugh. 

She was sitting on an arm chair looking at everyone working around, she was the bride after all! His actions were making her pessimistic temperament to be kept on a hold just like always.

She was observing him, like always smiling at his goofyness. His eyes lit up when he chuckled, playing around with the kids; he had something about him which was very chaotic and peaceful at the same time. 

Over these years his smile, his playful attitude had been the same which often balanced her loner, practical and shy persona.

She closed her eyes, thinking of how he carried this very smile on the first day of their first project together at work. While they were both very new that level of work, their perspectives were quite different. While he ran around hugging people, she was still making peace with a recent loss she had.

She learned not to trust people the hard way and in turn, she was shattered and had almost shut herself from the outside world.

Life according to her was just survival while he lived his life to the fullest. He being the centre of every crowd couldn’t bear with someone not smiling or giggling in his company and so he took it upon himself to make her smile genuinely again.

Slowly and steadily both found themselves falling for each other. She opened up to him, showed him the little child she had in her while he showed her the mature insecure man that was behind that smile. 

Their work together became successful and they knew they had found the one. 

She found herself staring into blank space when she was startled by him, telling her it was time to leave. She brushed her tears away, holded on to him and they left for the destination of their destination wedding.

Three days later when she was taking her wedding vows with him; it wasn’t just a wedding, they were going to build a marriage together.