A Deep Connection

The period between September-October is a span of time, when the weather is in most scandalous condition, warming up and coming back down at any random moment; making up a rather allergic environment than usual.

But oblivious from it all, she lay in a grassy meadow dotted by petite, fragrant daisies, covered with tall pine trees all around. The snowy mountains were giving a beautiful company to the oceanic blue sky and white clouds which hid the sun behind them periodically as they moved.

She blinked, closed her eyes, and blinked again; the sunshine was in a mood to play hide and seek with her then. The slow cool breeze and trickles of warm sunshine touched her pale skin softly to make it sparkle and also to wake her up.

She ran her hand through her hair and rubbed her eyes gently only to be surprised when she looked around as she had no idea as to where she had woken up.

She stood up slowly and looked around, trying to make sense of everything. The white flowy dress she wore, covered her knees and gave her complexion a shiny look. Her long dark hair danced rythmically with the cool breeze as it flew across her.

She turned around and saw little pink butterflies lazily flitting among the lush grass and dipping their tiny feet into a clear, bubbling brook.

Barefoot, she started slowly making her way through the thick grass; moving backwards, trying to look in all directions together to find some clue of what was happening.

As she kept walking thinking about all the things that could have gone wrong, she almost crashed into a tree and that was when her walls broke down, the sobs punched through, ripping through her muscles, bones, and gut. She pressed her forehead against the tall hard trunck of the trees, clutching as tightly as she could.

The beads of water were falling down one after another, without a sign of stopping. As she was busy letting it all out, she felt a very familiar touch on her hand, which was clutching the trunk; she looked above with hopes of finding the one who she thought it was, only to find she was right.

It was indeed her love; he held both her hands and helped her get up, who was still very teary-red eyed with a swollen nose. He wore a white shirt, along with denim jeans; which was a very unusual combination for him but his usual smile was there for her. He slowly wiped the tears off her face, bringing her into his arms. She looked at him with confusion but before she could ask anything he kept a finger on his lips, indicating her not to say anything.

He held her hand the usual way, his palm over hers and walked forward slowly towards the brook. She kept looking at him, trying to read his movements to find out why was he so silent, such powerful presence yet so quiet. He stopped and looked at her and showed a very beautiful scene of the small hill like steps that had the brook going through them creating a small waterfall.

She smiled shyly as she looked at that view, the sun who was still playing with them, the breeze still rythmic and the sound water falling just added more glory to this beauty. He stood behind her; both his arms around hers, who had her back towards him. They stayed like that for sometime enjoying the moments but suddenly, he turned her around and held her in his arms, whispered in her ears

come back to me, I am waiting. Please come back.”

She looked at him again and around and the view started blurring and his voice, that beautiful sound of water started turning into vague noises in her ears, receding more and more. Her vision became even more blurred and finally it all turned dark; suddenly the voices started coming back, the vision started coming back. As she opened her eyes again this time, she saw a white ceiling and heard the beeping sounds of the machines which were attached to her body. She looked at other side and saw him, holding on to her hand, his eyes were closed, as if he was praying. Tears filled her eyes up as she remembered the accident she was in and then this “dream” of hers. She moved her hand slowly and he opened his eyes to give her the most precious looking teary smile he had, the  innocence and love which was filled in his heart was coming out through his eyes.

It was love yes, he called out to her through heart; it was the deep connection that they shared which brought her back that faithful day.