Unexpected Rain

It was early September evening, the chinnars had begun changing colours from green to light brown. That evening very unexpectedly, the rain fell softly as if it knew of the hardships both behind and ahead, as if it was the way of angels telling her that they felt what she was feeling.

She was sitting at the deck of her home, taking support of the pillars that supported her balcony above. The raindrops over her face, more numerous than even the bumps of former battle she fought with herself, started washing over her in a delicate cascade of trickles.

The water droplets began growing larger and falling frequently. The light ‘pitter patter’ of rain turned into wet thuds as the icy water raced to meet the ground.

Her eyes started giving in to the emotional heaviness she felt, the diamonds of her eyes started moving rythmically with the diamonds of sky, both joining hands on her skin.

The coldness seeped through her gauzy gown and chilled her skin. The water hose, garden kits were sloshing through the thick, slushy mud.

Barefoot, she climbed down the three big stairs and gave in to the rain, the droplets of water drenched her hair, skin, and clothes. She stood there, her eyes fixed at the crying clouds.

These  clouds were giving her a company, helping her drain out what she needed to since a long time. A lot of frustrations, questions, confusions, thefake hopes, which needed to be answered but were not, were only destoying her from the inside.

Gradually, her tears stopped and gave her the peace that she had lost somewhere. The patience she needed, the steadiness her soul needed was coming back to her, she then understood the beauty of rain.

It made everything much more beautiful than it was, the grass of her garden became glossy, reflecting the light, a new bright shine to it’s wands, softly waving in the breeze. The waves of the salty liquid washed the pavement creating a melancholic song.

The rain that evening had been brought down for her and she understood it very well. She smiled softly, as she looked through the window how calm everything was now, thinking about her experience of this unexpected rain.