The New Year Morning

The light wooden door made a little creaking sound as it opened. She was on her way out, making light thuds on the wooden floor with her heavy snow boots in the process. It was the new year’s first day and so to enjoy that moment, she decided to run all the way down to…


I can be happiness but disturb me and I will show you what a disaster can be.

Dear Thor,

I know you are in pain right now and trust me it hurts me that I am not there to help you, to stand by your side and hold your hand to tell you that you are not alone. I know you think that you have lost everything and you think it’s all your fault;…

A Marriage

With blessings from Gods We cordially invite you to our marriage ceremony. She looked at her wedding card once again. Everything was packed and ready to go, everyone had been waiting for this dream wedding since last five years. She was going to unite with the love of her life soon. He was directing everyone…

A Deep Connection

Do miracles work? Some say they do, while some believe there is no such thing as a miracle. In the end it’s just the connections we share with others, make us believe in them.